Degrowth and climate crisis

The Radical Plan to Save the Planet by Working Less

The degrowth movement wants to intentionally shrink the economy to address climate change, and create lives with less stuff, less work, and better well-being. But is it a utopian fantasy?




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About pachamama

I have been working in educational ecology for seven year. I am interested in social ecology and degrowth. I like to introduce these subjects through a playful approach and practical and involve guys and children. I was born in San Severo (FG) Italy. From February 2013 to December 2018 I leved in Exeter (UK) . There I worked at the University of Exeter, but at the same time I achieved GCSE English and Maths at the Exeter College. I attended three creative writing course at the Exeter College and I published an anthology of 17 short stories with Lulu, a self publishing company. In May 2019 I obtained IELTS Academic and now I am studying at Department of the Science of Agriculture, Food and Environment of Foggia -ITALY. I like creative activities, art, writing and reading